Monday, 30 March 2015

Stand Out For Autism! 2015

It's world autism awareness week so dig into your pockets and when you see a tin drop them in. 

Donations from £2 can be made via my just giving page or you can contact me he national autistic society to make a donation directly to them.

Thanks for having a look!

Have felt ridiculous all day but hey ho! Cheers to the lovely lady who pulled over her car just to give us a donation of his morning as we were walking into town :)

Toned it down a bit as I was meant to have a team around the family meeting that ended up being cancelled.

So proud of Melody going to all the year one classes and talking about Autism. Wonderful to see so many kiddies dressed up to promote awareness and overwhelmed by the mums coffee morning turn out. Thank you all for being so amazing!! Today's buckets raised £98.37 and our raffle an additional £17 as our winner chose to donate her half!! 

As James missed Onesie Wednesday the girls and I didn't want him to feel left out so we made sure to have a onesie ready for him to wear for the Thursday school run!
It was also the last day of term so I saw it off with a bang!

Unfortunately, clean up was quite a lot of work!

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