Friday, 25 July 2014

Another Evening with Our Elephant

Sooo today we a senior care worker from our agency sent out and the carer did quite well. Ginny was happy and well looked after, fed, bathed and dressed for bed. However she didn't think she needed to stay in Ginny's room after putting her to bed and went to do paperwork or something... 

The first time she checked on Ginny she was holding a plank of supporting wood she'd pulled out from under her loft bed! 

The second time Ginny had slid out of the top slit window and was on the top of the playroom roof contemplating on how to get down and ready to start attempts! 

The window hadn't been checked to make sure it was on the latch lock, she hadn't thought to check and with it being such apart of my day to day I honestly didn't think to ask her to run safety checks.

I had just been glad Ginny hadn't spent the time all stressed out so that was totally my bad, people can't be expected to think as much about these kind of things when they're not used to them even if it seems commonsense.

In short who knows if we'll see her again because she's probably had the fright of her life but if we do I'm sure she'll be super carful and alert to any possible safety risks and I do hope we do because besides the bedtime routine she managed entertaining Ginny very well and didn't leave a mess.

That said I have completely over done things and am very sore everywhere. Having to pull Ginny back through the window as my mom handed her back up is probably not recommended for women with high risk pregnancies and a herniated disk. 

Thank god mom was there, if not it would have been me jumping out the window and pushing her up and into the window. Also very thankful for our neighbour two doors down for bringing over a ladder to get mom down.

Tonight is going to be horrible. Ginny is calm and playing on my iPad in her bed(I've also reset the beam) and poor Melody was so frightened by the ordeal she begged to have a sleep over in Ginny's room so that she could look after her. I feel again so lucky to have such a wonderful caring child. 

That unfortunately will not help my pain levels so I can't expect sleep, even if up at my full medication allowance and I only hope the strain doesn't land me back in a&e tonight or tomorrow. I'm just glad Ginny is okay, as usual her elephant has tried to lead her astray but someone up there is looking after her.

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  1. The picture is really wonderful. I'm so glad that Ginny has such a caring sister!