Saturday, 12 July 2014

What could possibly come next?

I give up! How can anyone manage a child who not only takes advantage of you being unwell to act up but will break into her grandmother's luggage (who is only here to help look after her for the summer)and everything including her clothes etc,destroy hundreds of pounds worth of oil paints, destroy her new room we've worked so hard on, her own clothes and possibly poison herself all because she feels like it and takes no consideration. Have woken up feeling terribly defeated, her elephant has completely defeated me. It's not fair that her 5 yr old sister has to deal with the 2yr old, to keep her safe from her sister's actions while Virginia and her mess are dealt with. It's not fair that anyone has to wake up to such disaster. This morning our unwanted lodger has taken control of Ginny. The elephant has trampled all over our lives and there's nothing left, and I'm unable to do a thing but watch. At my weakest during the two hrs in which my slow release morphine fades before my next 12hrly dose can be administered. I don't know what's left to feel. What happens next? 

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