Thursday, 7 August 2014

Day1 of over night wake in care for observation, part 1:

Day1 of over night wake in care for observation: 

Within two hours the poor, incredibly experienced carer, from ISS had to call me in for back up! I have never in my eight years with Ginny seen her destroy a room so badly! She wasn't tired enough to sleep as the day support that should be in daily because of my current conditions has been halted over the whole lock issue and boy does it show. 

The curtain clips have been snapped off, her pendant light destroyed, and she stripped off and did a wee. The carer said she has never in all her years seen a child do anything like this. She also said that social is not going to appreciate her report as she doesn't understand how they with any form of conscious try to tell me her night lock should be removed and that she will say that aside from that additional care needs to be put in place as poor Ginny and the rest of us our suffering over this whole situation. 

Aside fro the current matter she said she can not believe the measly amount of standard support I receive and that she thinks I'm a saint, ha! That really made me laugh but she also added that she has never had to call on a parent for back up. 

Ginny was so stressed I allowed her some ipad magic fingers time to calm down and she's now back in bed and finally started to nod off!...I really hope the lovely woman in this evening doesn't have anymore meltdowns to deal with this evening! 

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