Friday, 8 August 2014

Day1 of over night wake in care for observation, part 2:

As the carer left this morning she said she would tell her boss that she didn't feel she could responsibly leave Ginny asleep in her room without the lock after what she'd witnessed during the night. 

Apparently after sending in her report she was immediately phoned by her supervisor who asked if she was sure she wasn't at all exaggerating and that all she said was true! The carer assured her supervisor that every event she'd accounted for and that mum could vouch for it! Her supervisor then responded that they could completely understand why the lock was in place and that they couldn't understand why it was being disputed!!

OT rang back today to say they had a few people to speak to and they'd be getting back to me Tuesday but that they wanted to know how the first night's observation went after I relayed to them how bad a night it was they said that was 'brilliant, well done Ginny' because it's best for referencing that reports are on the worst case scenario so a good night would have been a terrible start.

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