Friday, 1 August 2014

Donations for The Little Princess Trust

It had been agreed because this summer has been so hot, that the girls would have their haircut shoulder length. A few days ago, Melody, my 5yr old began feeling a bit apprehensive until just recently she just walked over to me and said "mummy, what about the little girls who lose their hair because they are very poorly? Can we give them our cut hair?" As you can imagine I felt beyond proud and we immediately found a charity she wanted their hair to go to, very fittingly The Little Princess Trust. I don't know how I am still astounded by Melody's compassion and thoughtfulness but I am, and I feel very blessed to have her as a daughter. Aside from walking into the salon today and announcing her and her sister's hair would be sent to her picked charity, she found sweets to give her severely autistic sister while she had her hair cut, to make it easier for her to manage. Here are some photos of my little angels and their day at Capelli's Hair Cutting Company in Southdown, who have always gone above and beyond to give my girls a lovely salon experience since they were tots.

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  1. So wonderful! Melody is a very caring and compassionate little girl.