Wednesday, 17 April 2013

2012 asd log: entry 10

April 10th, 2012

Ginny has been up all night. She's bounced on her bed. he's laughed and cried. She's run around in circles and sat on her windowsill looking outside. She's done everything but sleep. James thinks that because II don't get up every five minutes I must be fast asleep. If there's one thing I've learned getting up repeatidly does nothing for you, the best you can do is try to ignore it unless she sounds like she's up to something dangerous, she's ill or Melody is still in the room. But Melody was in our bed still unwell and letting us know it. If she's had her medicine and a drink than all you can do is try to sleep. Sleep won't much likely happen but at least lying in bed with your eyes closed is some kind of rest. Sometimes for weeks at a time it's the only kind of rest we get, before Ginny's medication it was the only type in months.

When I dragged myself downstairs this morning just before James set off for work, Ginny thought she was going to go ahead and get some sleep. Silly Ginny. I lugged Ginny out of bed, took off her jamies and changed her nappy. She wasn't very happy with me lying on the landing tantruming, not understanding why I wouldn't let her sleep if she finally let her sleep but shortly after I came back with her clothes for the day and dressed her she got over it. We went downstairs and she had a few slices of our cinnamon raisin bread with butter and two cups of milk.

Reenergised she started to hop around the living room making lovely little happy noises. It looked lovely and sunny out but today we had to wait in for a delivery. Ginny's dadda matt had ordered Ginny a sand/water pit because he forgot to get Ginny and easter basket sorted and sent out on time, I told it was fine because she'd have more than enough goodies and she'd get more use of that and he'd probably pay less getting it to us. As we have to wait in anyway and the holiday is over I figured it was major clean up time. After sorting dishes and the washing I scrbbed the kitchen and bathrooms, vaccumed and washed the floor in the kitchen.

The day goes by so much faster when you have these kinds of things to get done, especially when you have to do them and still keep an eye on the kids. I prefer doing these things when the girls are out of the house but with a two week break, no dice. One of the times I checked on the girls Ginny had found a crayon under the sittie and was muching on it. I almost lost a finger trying to retrieve it. I should've hooked a hand at the sides of her jaw so she couldnt but didnt think so it took me what felt like forever to get my hand back. I was fast enough to get it out unscathed and kept her still enough to not break any bones or my skin. Lucky really for reacting correctly and promptly as overtired as I felt.

As usual afterwards Ginny was confused and a bit scared. She didn't really understand what had happened or that she had hurt me so it's so much more difficult to reprimand her for her actions. Melody was scared because I'd creamed but she calmed when I told her I was okay and that it was an accident. I made Gin a salami sandwich with crisps for lunch and Melody had a yoghurt, bread and cheese, all of which she barely touched but the effort was much better than the days before. Hopefully it meant she was getting better. I went back to cleaning and continued to check on the girls periodically. Mels enjoyed playing with her mini princesses and Ginny liked her Dora the Explorer marathon.

When I finally finished, I decided I'd take a 10minute fb break as the package had still not arrived and I needed to think of what we were going to have for dinner anyway...As soon as I started dinner, the bell rang for our delivery. I popped all of Ginny's fabric bits into her large apple and she sat in it happily joined shortly by her sister. I went on to make dinner and when James got home we sat at the table and both girls ate very well. The kids and James watched some national geographic while I did the dishes and cleared the table. James is going out this evening so after he's got the girls to bed I will probably kock out for the evening as I'm sure I don't have enough energy to even read some of my book.

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