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2012 asd log: entry 11

April 11th, 2012

James got in at 1am and woke me. His parents got back at around 2am so we went upstairs around 2:30. While James knocked out immediately his snoring kept me up for the next 2hours. He got up with the girls in the morning which is lucky for him because I probably would've murdered him if he tried to wake me. He hadn't got the girls ready for their outing even though he was going to be spending the day on his own afterwards so at 9 I had to get the girls and I dressed and ready for our 10am pick up.

We spent the day at butterfly world. For the most part the children enjoyed themselves so the minor things that may have upset me while we were there it didn't really matter. The children explored the insect area with their magnify glasses and Ginny just walked about glancing at the tanks. She stopped at the butterfly and caccoon cases for longer periods and liked the grasshoppers too. Ginny really liked all the sand and pebbles and was well behaved in the outside play area but Melody was still under the weather and grumpy. She enjoed going down the large slide with her friend Monty's mummy. There were some lovely flower garden that the children explored and plenty of logs for them to walk across and make up their own games with the way children do. Ginny joined in a couple of times ut was much more interested in the pebbles.

The children had sandwich boxes in the cafe but a sanwhich box would never fill Ginny, she scarfed down the snacks I'd brought with us aswell but I know she'll require more food when we get home. The indoor butterfly area was lovely but a bit small. The children were a bit unsure of the butterflies landing on them. Ginny was not as bothered. Unfortunately I couldn't catch a photo of her with them on her because she was exploring the colored glass pieces in the cement flooring and would shake them off when overexcited by the patterns. Melody sat next to her to observe what she was up to and She explored it until I felt overheated.

We headed back to the cars an hour later. Ginny kicked at Monty's seat a bit, Melody's friends are very good with Ginny but starting to wonder why the rules for Ginny are different than their own. I'll need to dig out the books explaining it that we used before for the children in Carlisle. Melody dozed off on the ride home and had a nice snuggle on the sofa when we got home while Ginny went straight to played with her fabrics while I got the girls a drink and some biscuits ready. James went up for a nap and I called him down when it was time for him to feed Mels her tea. Ginny had already eaten up all of hers.

I went up for a bath and Ginny joined me. After I got out she played in the bath for about another 40minute happily giggling away while Melody watched a movie with daddy downstairs. Ginny joined them when she was out and dressed for bed as I had to get ready for my mummy's dinner out. It was so great to get out for the evening without the children. I can't eat much at the moment because I haven't stretched enough to fit a proper meal in with the baby but there's nothing better than great company and good food. I got in before midnight and did some reading to get me tired enough to sleep.

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