Wednesday, 17 April 2013

2012 asd log: entry 5

April 5th, 2012

Ginny has slept brilliantly but Melody must be coming down with something, she's been waking wingeing alll night so we've slept horribly. It's horrible and grey out today so we're going to take the girls out to toys r us for a run around. The girls had a bowl of cereal and pancakes for breakfast which always makes them happy. I washed another load of washing, put the clothes off the airer into the airing cupboard, put away the dishes and reloaded the dishwaher while James watched the girls downstairs. Ginny came up to get dressed and ready first.

She's always a bit weary of early morning changes, we imagine that getting out of your nice warm pjs into cool clothes freaks her out a bit but of course we have no idea of knowing for sure. The earlier the dressing, the more upset she is by it so school days are the most difficult, she will kick and scream and throw herself about to try to stop you from dressing her. Today was not as early on in the morning so a milder reaction but she was still pretty upset. Afterwards Melody who was still a bit cranky was dressed with the bribery of heading to the toy store and we went and sat in the car to wait for daddy.

Once shoes and coats are on Ginny can not wait inside for too long. It massively stresses her out because shoes and coat on surely mean it's time to go. The longer you take, the more stressful the situation so I try to get her out of the house as soon as. On school days Ginny will also get massively stressed if her taxi arrives late to take her to school. Time and changes can be very difficult for people affected by Ginny's condition. Once in the car Ginny is happy as she knows she will be going somewhere soon.

On the drive Ginny gets her arm out of her seat belt, I say her name and give her a look and she salides it back in because she knows she shouldn't do that but doesn't understand why not. Like most of what mommy insists upon it all just seems like an annoyance. She gets excited as we get near because she recognizes the lot and knows where we are going. Unfortunately after just walking around for a short while Ginny begins to scream, strop and throw herself around so I have to put her in the shopping cart. She is super worked up and goes on like this for about 15-20 minutes before she spots what she wants popping out of my bag and reaches for it.

On this Thursday poor little Ginny was thirsty but did not have a way of telling us until she could reach for her cup to let us know. After her drink she was right as rain. She liked looking a a dora bedtime dolly, the water/sandpits, wendy houses and slides. Melody loved the Disney Princess isle, dress up section and baby dolls. Both girls really enjoyed sitting and playing in all the display cars. Toys r us is great because the kids can be entertained there for ages. Of all the toys, books, etc Ginny chose a large bag of sweets while melody chose a small snow white figurine to play along in the cinderella set she got for Christmas.

When we got home I put lunch on and got to putting away the clothes from the airing cupboard, hung the washing on the airer, then plated up the girls lunch. James was feeling a bit under the weather so after watching the girls for me and having his lunch he went up to bed for a rest. Melody and I did puzzles and Ginny played with her tangle, then we watched some curious george before checking up on daddy and getting our boots and coats back on to go to the grocery store and get a couple of things we needed.

By the time we got back from doing our shopping it was time to make dinner. Ginny ate very well but Melody is definitely not very well and does not want to eat a thing. Daddy gets the girls off to bed while I get the kitchen tidied and start up the dishwasher. We watch a movie together before heading up to do some readding but throughout our movie we hear Melody waking and crying so we know we're in for a difficult night. Melody ends up in our bed as we don't want her to wake her sister in the night.

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