Wednesday, 17 April 2013

2012 asd log: entry 8

April 8th, 2012

Easter Sunday.

The girls are up bright and early on Easter Sunday with the similar jitters to the ones they get at Christmas. Melody loved searching for eggs and Ginny loved eating them. I'm very sore today from the day out and lifting Melody more than I should have yesterday but she was very under the weather. Today after we watch some of the Easter specials we'll paint eggs, make chocolate nests and watch Hop while our roast cooks for tea.

Melody liked painting our boiled eggs and Ginny liked having a couple. Neither child was very interested in melting the chocolate for our nests but they both found sitting the eggs onto the nests entertaining, theyre eyes were huge and focused. Neither were very impressed with having o put them into the fridge to settle but they enjoyed having one each after lunch. Melody likes getting dressed up with her sister and has been telling me how beautiful they both look today. Not that she's conceited or anything ;)

The girls zonked out watching Hop while I got out roast into the oven to to slow cook for a few hours and Melody kept saying "silly bunny" while Ginny just giggled away. It entertained them far more than I wouldve imagined for a film that's not completely animated. Melody is still not very well but her fevers have been manageable. Ginny has been enjoying her new fabrics plenty. Everytime I tidy them up because I think she's finished with them, I turn around and she's back in them.

Ginny skyped her dada matt and his parents before dinner. She ate brilliantly as usual and enjoyed two chocolate nests for dessert before bath and bedtime. Ginny went to sleep brilliantly but Melody was not feeling very well and woke periodically throughout the night. She ended up in our room but still struggled with sleep. I'm glad she enjoyed her Easter despite feeling so poorly. She told me I was the best mummy ever and that she loved painting eggs, eating chocolate nests and her egg hunt. It means so much more when Melody tells me things like this becasue I have never had Ginny be able to.

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