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2012 asd log: entry 7

April 7th, 2012

I'm very tired this morning. Had trouble sleeping because the girls have jumbled up my sleep cycles in the last couple of weeks. Both girls sleep in past 8am on this Saturday morning which is rather unusual for them. Melody tells me they don't want milk w their cereal they want apple juice which Ginny seems to confirm pushing away the bottle of milk. Dry cereal, a cup of apple juice and bagels with cream cheese are what they munch on. When Ginny finishes hers she's after Melody's. Melody gets upset at first but then we discuss sharing and she tosses dry cereal to her sister saying "catch" brfoe getting out of her table and sitting next to her sister to share. Eating and sharing food is always a great way for them to interact.

Ginny doesnt accept much interation from peers but will make an acception if food is involved. When well the child can not be filled! Melody is still rather grumpy and it's grey out but I would like to get to the Saturday market in St Albans to get some fabric and bits and bobs for a sensory box for Ginny. I'll have to check the weather forcast before making a decision cause I don't want to end up soaked with two grumpy kids in the next city over.

I take the girls upstairs to get changed and ginny comes downstairs while I finish up Melody. When I come down I find her fingerpainting herself and the kitchen counters with buttery spread :/ It's going to be one of those days!! I get her cleaned up and we head out to the closest bus stop to start our journey...we miss our bus by a hair and have to wait a half hour for the next only to have a complete ass of a driver tell us we'll need to fold up our chair. Ginny can walk but for travel and long journeys she uses a mclaren elite, a special needs pushchair that qualifies as a wheelchair. I told him it was a wheelchair and the ignorant sod says " i still don't have room for it" this is though there are two signs clearly stating that the wheelchair bay should be given up for wheelchair users! Luckily the passengers weren't jerks, cleared the bay and told me not to worry about it.

Once we arrived to St Albans i still wanted to kick the drivers head in but gave him my very American "have a nice day" and jumped off with a smile. We started our search for sensory items for the sensory tent we want to make Ginny like the one she has at school and had loads of luck. Picked up various swatches of fabrics, and random items the school keeps in hers. All in all she seems very pleased and when we get home we'll see if there were any types I'll need to get more of if she favours them. Stopped at subway for lunch, Ginny had two bowls of meatballs, a packet of crisps and a chocolate chip cookie while Mels barely tried a bit of her cereal bar. She's been feeling very unwell today so we headed back home with our goodies.

Ginny was very pleased with her new bits and bobs and played with them as soon as we got in for ages. Buy of a lifetime I'm telling ya! It allowed me to put the laundry away in peace and the clean up afterwards was as easy as popping in all into a basket til we sort out a tent!! Melody has been floppy all afternoon, I think Ginny wanted to comfort her cause she went and sat with her when I put cars on to sort out dinner. It was very sweet. Melody still didnt eat so Ginny ate her dinner and than half of her sister's. She's the slightest child in the world but she could have finished Melody's dinner too, her pediatrician says she is such an active child that she needs the extra fuel to run. Her OT was worried that because of her sensory issues her body may not be registering that she's full when she is.

Daddy arrived as Ginny was finishing up her dinner and got the girls to bed after he had his own. I sat and had a lovely stress out over everything under the sun. There's always soooo much to worry about and it seems to pile up until it's unbearable. We still haven't sorted a house and the estate agent hasnt heard from the landlord on the last property we put an offer on in over a week. It all seemed like it would go smoothly at first like it always does but then something happens. This time that something was meetings with an architect because the adjustments on the landlord's new build may not be ready on time so the landlord is unsure of when he'll be able to move in...It doesn't help that in two weeks I'll have all my documents handed over to the UKBA and won't see them until they finished.

I was hoping to just pay extra and have it all sorted in person but you can't make an appt with an enquiry office until you've passed your citizenship exam, and as soon as I did that I tried to book one and they were completely booked up at all 7 of the enquiry offices scattered across the UK from then until weeks after my visa expired!! We seriously would've made a trip anywhere but no joy. Just our luck. we're having it checked at a checking service so still payig a bit more but it doesn't in anyway speed up the process. It just gives you the piece of mind that you've sent off everything needed. Something like 90% of applications are processed within 6months. It could always be much sooner but being practical you should imagine 6 months of being without papers.

As if I needed any more stress. Without papers I won't be able to sort out a property and the littlest lady is due in 3months. To say the least I'd like to just crawl into a hole and dissapear. Don't have that option once you have kids though, you have to appear strong. You have to get up every morning and make sure they feel safe, happy and cared for. You've got to be able to smile in the morning like you weren't crying the night before. Some days this is so much harder to do than others and I've got that feeling that tomorrow will be one of those days. Easter Sunday. That means tonight I've got to tidy up the entire house and set up the girls hunt for the morning. In the morning that means waking up early and helping the girls with their search for eggs and later on that means making chocolate nests, decorating eggs and slow cooking our easter tea. It will be fun, for the kids I hope at least, and they girls will look lovely in their Easter dresses.

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