Wednesday, 17 April 2013

2012 asd log: entry 4

April 4th, 2012

James has been brilliant this morning. Though he may not have been thrilled with my deciding he would be getting up with the girlies for his two days off as I'll have them all of next week with no break, he still got up and let me be this morning. I was up this morning feeling achy but being able to just lay around a couple of extra hours even if I wasnt sleeping was great. I popped into a nice bath and Ginny joined me half way through after her breakfast. Ginny loves to splash and play with bubbles but did not want to stay in as long as she normally does today.

She was quite grumpy whilst being dressed as well and as it turns out her two bowls of cereal hadn't hit the spot so we went downstairs and while I made her some bacon and pancakes she mucnched on a few digestives and some juice. James fed Ginny and I made some sandwiches to pack up for our lunch with some yoghurts and crisps. By the time we were all ready to leave the house it was early afternoon so we decided tohead to Woodside Animal Farm.

Ginny liked playing on the swings while Melody fed the chickens at the start of our trip. She wasn't very interested by the llamas or donkeys but giggled at the squirrell monkeys. Both girls loved the electric tractors and played along the track with daddy. Ginny was very upset to have to leave the track but enjoyed sitting on the old big tractors with daddy and Melody. We went to have a look at some more animals and by the time we reached the ringed tail lemurs Ginny was refusing to walk. There's nothing wrong with Ginny's legs, she was just being difficult, she jumped out of the pushchair once she laid her eyes on the bouncy castle and had a good jump around for a half hour before moving on to the trampolines.

We met Harvey the Bunny who gave the girls some Easter sweets and Melody had her face painted. Next we went to meet some baby goats that were just an hour old before taking a rest in the softplay area and having our sandwiches. Ginny is brilliant at exploring play areas and ate happily when ready. We saved our tractor ride for last which took us around the farm one last time. The girls always enjoy this part of our trip, afterwards we went into the petshop and farmstore and then headed home. With two hours to bedtime we decided to watch some tv and then have our tea.

Ginny has a bit of an upset belly but this is quite normal. Many children/adults on the spectrum have gut problems and if Ginny is not constipated then she has loose bowels. This evening she's a bit grumpy about it but not too distressed. Now it's time for bedtime so James is getting the girls to bed so I have to tidy up the downstairs, sort the dishes and vaccum. The girls should go to bed easily as they've had a long and active day out. This Wednesday was a pretty good day, when we've finished our chores I'll probably just have some paracetamol, a hot waterball and curl up with a book while James plays some call of duty.

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