Wednesday, 17 April 2013

2012 asd log: entry 12

April 12th, 2012

It was my turn to get up with the girls this morning. However only Melody wanted to get up so James had to get her out of bed when he woke up. James made pancakes, even though Mels had already had cereal the kids always have space for pancakes. Then we all got dressed as we had to be out the door to view properties all day.

Not a particularly fun day driving around trying to find a place as I'll be without documents the week after next so we ideally NEED to have a place before than to be secure before baby's arrival. My mother will be coming to help us with Ginny for a month after baby is born so we want to make sure we are well settled before then.

We went home for lunch and had a relax and play around the house before heading out to view our last property in the afternoon. Tomorrow we hope to make an offer on a preoperty that may not be everything we've wanted but pretty much ticks the boxes on what it is needed. It will suit our family just fine once I'm driving.

We took this evening easy and popped chicken and chips in the oven for the girlies. they scrafed them down followed by cornettos aand then watched a movie before bed. Because we didn't spend much time at home I only had to vaccum twice today and put away the laundry. Our very easy Thursday has come to a perfect end with James going to the shops to get me some ben and jerry's cookie dough icecream and a sprite before catching full metal jacket on the telly before bed.

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