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2012 asd log:entry 9

April 9th, 2012

Another bad night with Mels and her fevers, James forgot to relatch Ginny's room and the silent ninja let herself downstairs, climbed onto the countertop and helped herself to rolled icing, crisps, and a packet of sweets before breakfast ...Yay! Mommy got to clean it all up this morning! And now she's got a munchkin with a sugar high on her hands. We had more of the decorated hard boiled eggs for breakfast and then watched Enchanted. Melody really enjoyed it Ginny wasn't impressed.

Ginny found the dough we made afterwards for our Cinnamon raison loaf much more interesting. she liked poking and stretching it. Then she realized she could smell and eat it too...That's when it became time for her to be guided out of the kitchen before she became a dough ball. That reeally upset Ginny. She kicked and screamed and threw her arms around in protest but I couldn't leave the dough to rise with Ginny around. I pulled out her basket of fabrics and hoped she'd settle with them. Eventually she found her favourite piece and started to play still grumbling at me every so often.

I went to put away dishes, wash up what I used to make our dough, load what we'd used for our breakfast, put away clothes from the airing cupboard, and start another load of laundry. Everytime I came back into the living room Ginny had something different out. Before long it looked like a war zone in there. Melody still being unwell was cuddling up under their Easter blanket watching the winnie the pooh Easter special, not bothered by the mess. Giny started to stomp about and it was getting around the time when you know it's about lunch.

She had a couple of spinach and ricotta cannelloni and two glasses of fresh orange. That made her a happy bunny for long enough to sort her sister a cheese sandwich and some crisps. Melody only ate about two bites and half her drink before abandoning her table. Ginny being a greedy guts replaced her at the small table and finished her lunch as well!! She seemed much more content afterwards and went to sit in the laundry basket with her favorite piece of fabric and began to"bididididda dapdapdapwahhhdap" merrily.

I haven't felt very well this afternoon so I don't think I've been much fun and it's cold and rainy outside. Luckily James will be getting home about an hour early so fingers crossed I can relax a bit after making dinner. Ginny and Mels came over to give me some lovely cuddles when I sat for a minute to relax. Ginny likes to explore faces so she tugs and pokes at me before giving me a few smacks. I know she doesn't mean to hurt me, she just gets very excited. I remind her that we have to play calm and gentle and she digs her chin into my shoulder and pulls me close for a hug.

I know that looking at the way Ginny treats me from the outside must seem very strange but I know this is the only way she manages and that she is just showing me affection in her own way. Melody laughs and says "silly Ginny mummy, I love her" Somehow she know that this is just the way Ginny does things and accepts it. Times like that she makes me so proud to be her mom. She is so good with her big sister and for the most part very understanding. I give both of my munchkins a big hug and and a kiss and know that this is why makes doing it all worthwhile. No matter how tired and worn out I am they make it manageable.

Melody insists that she needs to dress like princess tiana so that we can watch the princess and the frog and that Ginny should be princess Jasmine so I go upstairs and get costumes out of their dress up box. Mels Jasmine costume is a new one but she still wants her sister to borrow it, the bottoms are huge so they slide off even Ginny if not tied up. I tidy up again and vaccum for the third time before James gets home and get to dinner. James says ginny looks like a little buddha the way she's sitting with her belly out in the jasmine costume and both girls faces light up when they see daddy. Ginny always makes a very excited giggly noise when James gets in and both girls want cuddles straight away.

After dinner we unwind for a bit before the bedtime routine begins. Baby has been somersaulting all afternoon so I begin to feel very sick and James takes over. Being sick is never fun. Being sick and feeling like a whale although people still don't always realize you're pregnant is even worse. To James, our friends and I quite obviously look very pregnant but to most others they don't usually realize unless I have my hands on my belly. I'm only 24weeks and I already feel ike I'm running out of space. Both my girls were 4weeks early so we don't imagine I'll carry full term but i try to take things easy as I wouldn't want to go into labour any earlier than that and I've already spent a week in hospital for observation last month.

It's much harder to take things easy when you already have children. It's even more difficult when one of your children are disabled and both of them are on a two week break of school. Next week I'll be taking two days away to visit friends up in Carlisle with the girls and I know it will be like any time I'm away with the girls. I won't know what to do with my hands and I'll constantly be looking around for them even though they haven't come with me. I'm a bit nervous about it but I know the night away will do me some good. I hope to finally get my hair cut while I'm away, I feel like a lion with my hair in such a mess and I hate it. It will be great to see my friends I haven't seen in ages as well.

The girls are put to bed but Ginny does not want to sleep. We can tell it's going to be one of those nights where Ginny's meds do nothing for her. James and I watch a movie on the sofa, I recharge with a powerade which I only use after a bad bout of sickness and James has a couple of beers. wehn our movie finishes we go up for a read and can hear that Ginny still has no plans on sleeping...Mels ends up in our roon again and Ginny doesn't sleep a wink through the night.

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