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2012 asd log: entry 6

April 6th, 2012

Melody was up most of the night complaining about having a sore belly still. We probably didn't hear Ginny waking because Melody had us exhausted but Ginny also must have got up very quietly. Melody heard her crying in their room and went up to see "why Ginny cry mummy" while I was taking clothes off the airer for the airing cupboard. Ginny came downstairs this Friday morning with no pj trousers or a nappy on. She must have taken them both off and thrown them off her bunk. She had been crying because she wet herself and was woken by the fact.

I cleaned her up and peeled off all her bedding and protective covers off her matress and put them to wash. When I came back out of the garage Ginny had found the butcher's bacon and was sat on the floor of the kitchen with it. I had forgotten we had any but ginny obviously knows it's much nicer than the regular bacon from the shops and she also obviously wanted her favourite breakfast food, bacon and eggs. "Lets dance" came on nick jr while I was finishing up feeding Ginny her bacon and eggs and Melody insited that I get the girls' "famango"(flamnco, lol) dresses from their holiday in Spain last year to wear so they could dance. I paused the tv and once Ginny had eaten her last bite I went up and got their dresses.

Ginny isn't really fussed by things like dressing up to match something so it's nice that she has her little sister around to encourage her to take part in these types of imaginitive play. We hear that at school she enjoys dressing up and it's probably all thanks to Melody and her constant insistance that her sister takes part in her fun. It's nice to watch the girls dressed up prancing around the living room. We won't be able to go out anywhere until all of Ginny's bedding has been washed and hung up to dry and that will take a few hours as our machine is rather small and there are so many layers to Ginny's bed to keep her from tearing them all off when she's in a mood.

Before long Ginny is ready for a snack and and tells me the only way she knows how, scaring the crap out of me by climbing up into her high chair and balancing uptop. It still nearly gives me a heart attack everytime come from one room to another and find her like this even though I know she has amazing balance and she's been doing this type of thing her entire life. Ginny was 8months old the first time I found her sat in the top shelf of a bookcase. It is lovely and sunny out but minus zero so hopefullythe day will have warmed up by the time the laundry is all hung up to dry and we're good to go.

After her snack Ginny enjoys playing with my hotwater bottle. Melody is definately unwell and has now wrapped herself in a blanket and is saying "I'm poorly mummy" :/ I feel like the kids just can not stay well. If it's not one it's the other. One gets better and the next comes out in something. The weather does not help. It's 20degrees and then -1, not cool. By the time lunch rolls around Melody is completely refusing food so Ginny eats both their pizzas. If Ginny is well you can count on her to eat everything that's put in front of her. Melody is always stubborn.

I went to the loo for a wee after taking Ginny's plate and utensils to the dishwasher and came back into the room to find it a complete mess. I can tell Melody is properly unwell when she doesnt holler "mummy look what Ginny doing" she's a very bossy and my little helper so her indifference is a clear sign. Poor little lady. I suppose I'll let them stay in and watch Jake's all aboard easterrrr instead of dragging them out for a walk. I've now got the living room to retidy anyways. It can never be cleaned up as fast as Ginny can destroy it that's for sure!

Ginny came upstairs with me to put away clothing from the airing cupboard as I didn't want to come back to another Ginnyhurricane. We watched a couple of stories on Ginny's storio on the sofa and than watched Dora's pirate adventure, one of Ginny's favorites on tv. I ran upstairs to start the tub just before the video finished then bribed the girls upstairs with a sweetie each. Normally bathtime comes after dinner but I'm babysitting for a friend this evening bath then dinner it will be. Both Girls love bubbles so our bath probably had more bubbles in it than water but the little ladies came out squeaky clean and content. I dressed them for bed and plated their hair as usual. Daddy got home just as we were about to come down.

Ginny had spinach and ricotta canalloni for tea and Melody didn't eat a bite of her own and James and I shared a pizza. I was dropped off at a friend's and the girls were good from what I heard for daddy. I got in just before 1am and everyone was fast asleep in their own beds. Both Girls slept through the night on Good Friday.

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