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2012 asd log: entry 3

April 3rd, 2012

Tuesday morning and the girls are back to their early wake up calls. Morning comes and it's breakfast, vaccuming, putting away laundry, dishes and a change of clothes. Neither of the girls have fevers today but they are both tantruming about this that and the other. Melody is a strong willed child and having an autistic sister doesn't make it any easier to show her the way big girls are meant to behave. It's not yet 11 and I know today is going to be a challenging day. When you're pregnant, recently out of hospital having chosen to go home and be with your kids, warned to take things easy and not do any heavy lifting it's not exactly easy to listen to the doctor's orders with a 3 and 5yr old throwing themselves about.

Just trying to will Ginny off of the counter she's stood on rumaging through the snack cupboard is probably more than I should do, just as lifting mels off the doorway to close the door and adjust the safety latch to contain Ginny probably is. Melody settles first and I set her up with some colouring pages and markers, Ginny has to come upstairs with me while I tidy up the rooms to ensure she doesn't damage her sister's art supplies. She enjoys jumping on the beds while and after I make them just like any other child a giggles as she undoes the work I've done.

Both girls join me in the kitchen to make our sandwiches for lunch. They have different tastes so I make what they like accordingly and we go eat our lunch together. I missed a marker when I put away Melody's art supplies and Ginny chews it to a pulp whilst I refill their drinks. My fault, I should've been more careful. After lunch I hope we'll get out into the garden as taking the girls for a walk on my own is not a good idea when they're in a mood and could throw themselves about at any minute. Normally I'd just deal with it but I've got baby to think of I'm far too early in my pregnancy to have to go back to the hospital. They might not give me the option to go back home if I do have any further complications and who would look after the girls if that happened?

Unfortunately it's cold out today and the girls are not keen on the garden. Can't say I blame them, with the heat on I hadnt realized the chill and it must have come as a shock after the lovely week of weather we've had. We play getting wrapped up in our easter blanket w our stuffed rabbit and chick toys and both girls giggle. Melody says" silly mummy you too big" and Ginny grabs my face smiling. This will probably be the best part of my day and as usual it couldn't last long enough. We roll around some more and play "tickle" and I blow rasberries on their bellies and necks then I pretend to eat the girls' toes and they smile away as if it's the best fun they've ever had.

Once I've tired I can tell they want a snack so snack time it is and then some more vacumming. Melody really wanted to watch Tinkerbell while I made dinner so that's what we put on. Ginny wanted to play in her room so I let her go up there with her room door open. James came home and as I plated dinner I hear "CANEY GINNY'S TREASHED THE ROOM", toys and books were everywhere, the beds were undone and even the coverings had been pulled off of the nursing chair I sit in to read their bedtime stories. So much for tidying, it's so much worse than before I had.

After dinner Ginny ran back upstairs and decided she would like to eat the wooden rings from her curtain as dessert. When James brought her down and closed her bedroom door we entered world war three. She screamed the house down as if we were the worst parents in the universe but after sorting for bed she went down surprisingly easily. Both girls happily listened to daddy's bedtime story and song and went to sleep.

Tomorrow and Thursday are James' days off so we will make the most of them. Next week James will be using his days off to fly for a charter line in Europe so I'll be on my own. I have brilliant friends though and we've made plans and travel arrangements so I can still take the girls out somewhere special on their Wednesday Thursday.

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